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About Us

Randy and Julie Sabados launched JRS Janitorial in the early 1980's.  They started by cleaning the accounts themselves so they know first hand what it takes to "do the job right".

As the business grew we didn't have the time to do all of the cleaning ourselves so we began the process of hiring employees.

We hire reliable, honest, legal, hard-working employees who take pride in their work. Many of our employees have been with us between five and twenty years. Our turnover is low so our customers never have to worry about what "crew" or individual employee might show up to clean.

Our employees are friendly and get to know the customer. Because of this, we build relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

JRS Janitorial does not use subcontractors, nor do we sell our accounts to other individuals or companies.


The floors never looked better. You showed up on time and delivered what you promised. Good Job!

Thank you,


President Hardware Store Company

April 17, 2008

Over the past 17 years, we have come to depend on Randy and his crew at JRS. I have never been disappointed in their quality of work or their ability to complete jobs as scheduled.

Randy has helped us move offices, switch furniture from one site to another, paint, do repairs and maintenance in addition to the cleaning of our eleven bank branches.

We would be lost without JRS and highly recommend them to anyone seeking janitorial/maintenance work in the Denver area.



Vice President

Savings Bank Chain In The Metro Denver Area

Our company has been with JRS Janitorial since the early 1980’s.

JRS has always done an excellent job.

JRS has provided us with skillful people to keep our work environment as clean as possible.

We have the same people in our offices each evening. No surprises for office staff working late. Should our regular cleaning staff be on vacation, JRS will contact us ahead of time and inform us who will be taking their place and for how long; making certain we are comfortable with the replacement for the interim period of time.

We also call upon JRS for miscellaneous work other than cleaning. Should we have a need for outside services, i.e., moving furniture, window washing, changing lights, etc.; we call JRS first for availability and scheduling. We know they do it all to our satisfaction.

Frequently, we receive calls from other companies wanting to give us a bid and use their janitorial company instead of JRS. We do not even consider the possibility. We know we have the best and simply tell the others “thanks for calling, but no… we will stay with JRS”.

For the best – Call the best!


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