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Meet Our Staff

Our employees define who and what our company is. They are the "backbone" of JRS Janitorial. We'd like to tell you a little bit about the ownership and management team.

Randy and Julie have become semi-retired as they have owned the business since 1979 (44 years!). They decided it was time to move out of Colorado where they've lived all of their lives because they are tired of the cold and snow. They decided to move to a little town called Woodville, Florida, where they have 5.5 acres and their horses and four cats. It was a huge move for a couple of people in their mid to late 60's! They had lived at their property in the rural area just south and west of Sedalia, Colorado for 22 years.

In addition to themselves, Randy's father, who just turned 100 years old on January 4th, lives with them as well. He is very active for his age and still plays golf a couple of times a week! For his 100th birthday, the golfers he plays with had a huge surprise party for him and the Tallahassee newspaper had a nice front page article about him as well. Then on the following Wednesday, he was totally surprised by his Veteran's Club that he belongs to as they meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month, had another huge surprise party for him as he served in WWII in the Navy as a radio operator in the Okinawa area.

Randy and Julie are still very active but they are still in the "moving mode" as well as doing the bookkeeping and helping run the business. In the year 2023, they plan to do less around the house and yard area and start to enjoy being semi-retired.

Meet the new Supervisor and business partner, Haris. Through his promotion from regular employee to Supervisor, the move to Florida became possible. It is Randy and Julie's plan, once Randy reaches 69 or 70 years of age (that is in one to two years from 2023), to sell the business to Haris and his wife, Nura. In the meantime, Haris is learning all of the ropes with the help of Randy. It is great to get some youth with a partner! Haris knows many younger folks, so this helps the company with the hiring of younger employees. Many of the employees who have been with us since before 2000 are starting to think of retirement in the not so distant future, so having younger people to train makes it easier for retaining employees.

Haris and his wife, Nura, have two younger children, ages 9 and 10. Haris speaks both fluent English and Bosnian, which helps when dealing with employees who are from Bosnia and don't know the nuances of the English language.

Haris loves to play soccer and is involved in a couple of leagues. And of course, he is involved in helping raise his young children along with his wife, Nura.